The (Computer Version of) Game of Sprouts


The aim of this project is to implement a Graphical Computer Version of the Game Of Sprouts, the pencil-and-paper game invented by John Horton Conway. The final version of this project also implements the Computer AI.

For a complete description of the game and its rules you must see the links.


Technical Information

The underline topological data structure is a 2D implementation of the standard Winged Edge Data Structure . This data structure allows to describe the topological status of the game and also permits: (1) to check the correctness of the human input, (2) to generate all topologica correct Computer AI moves.

The Computer AI tactic take care of the big set of Scientific Teoretical Papers about Game of Sprouts.

The "pretty" arc's geometry generator is based on a constrained Delaunay Triangulation of the Game Plane, added to the Spline Generator.

Computer AI Move Generation Schema


Move Generation


Triangle Path


Polyline Path

Spline Path


Contact, Download & more

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